Components we use

Why do we prefer specific batteries, inverters, and solar panels above others?  

The main reason is RELIABILITY.

During almost 15 years of experience, we tried and tested many different brands and components.

We have selected and use those we TRUST to provide you with the most reliable solution.



In times like these... everyone needs a solar power system to be happy and gain control of their home. Every solar power system needs an INVERTER to convert Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC), or usable electricity.    The inverter acts as the "brain" and is and automates the supply, storage, and distribution of electricity efficiently according to your needs.

MAGNETO inverters are our preferred choice. 

These inverters are manufactured in Deye and our CEO, Jakes Joubert, was personally involved in the development and testing process.  View our product development timeline here.

The Magneto Hybrid Inverter was designed to make your life as easy as possible... and save you money in the process. It lets you decide how to use electricity in your home.    It is an intelligent "brain" to optimize electricity use between essential and non-essential components.  it also has a “Time of Use” function limit and controls electricity use during peak times.  this will ensure you remain within the delivery capacity of your inviter (5kW or 8kW).   

 You can even decide what to do with the electricity generated by your solar panels.  

  • Charge your batteries, 
  • Power your business, 
  • Feed into the grid or...
  • Nothing. 

The Magneto True Hybrid Inverter is therefore the complete, compact energy management system.  

With unmatched functionality, it provides seamless management and transition between power sources to ensure uninterrupted living.

These inverters allow you to apply your solar power system as a 

Grid Tie or 
Off Grid system and expand as your need changes.  

Expansion is effortless, with effortless expansion to grow your independence.

The MAGNETO inverters offer the following BENEFITS:

  • Uninterrupted operations through seamless transition between energy sources
  • Programable energy source selection through the Time-of-use function 
  • Income options through the Power Sell Function (service provider dependent)
  • Proactive system upgrade and maintenance through the On-line Remote Monitoring APP
  • No Capacity Degradation during the lifespan
  • Easy use with a LCD Touch Screen Display
  • Peace of mind with a 5 Year Warranty
For more information on the Magneto inverters click here to visit their website


Are Lithium batteries worth the investment?
Lithium LifePo4 batteries are the ideal replacement for traditional lead acid batteries. They last longer and recharge faster, saving time, saving money and reducing risk throughout their lifetime.

Lithium LifePo4 battery chemistry is stable and safe. It is fitted with a Battery Management System (BMS) that actively monitors charge and discharge cycles to protect the cells against overcurrent, overvoltage and thermal runaway.

LifePo4 batteries are lighter and more compact, making installation easier.

Unlike traditional lead acid batteries, LifePo4 batteries charge faster with better efficiency and more lifecycles. A longer lifespan means having to replace your batteries less often.

Ideal for Solar / Renewable or UPS Energy Storage
Safe, Stable and Environmentally Friendly
Long Cycle Life = 15 Year Design Life
E100% DOD
Constant Power Output
Low Self-Discharge
Fast Charging
Low Maintenance
Intelligent Battery Management System


What clients say

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